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>>> Company Positioning :

Corporate vision: top brand, forever "Harvest"

Enterprise Mission: committed to agricultural development, create value for users, provide safe, nutral and healthy food, improve people's life

Business goals: more professional, leading the industry, world famous

>>> The Core Notions :

Enterprise spirit: honest, generous, realistic, innovative


1, the marketing concept: only the idea of off-season, no off-season market

2, talent view: loyal, honest, enterprising, professional

3, the concept of implementation : efficiency first, good implementation, attend to details, improve quality.

4, the concept of team : equal, self-critisize, comunicate, cooperate

5, the concept of learning : active learning, lifelong learning, pratical learning

6, the concept of development : stable, orderly, co-ordinative

>>> Principles for acting :

1, customers, employees and shareholders: customer satisfied, employee satisfied, shareholder satisfied.

2, companies in the same industry: win-win, cooperation, learning each other 

3, self-owned companies: understand the overall view, efficient implementation, outstanding, creative

4, Social Responsibility:  obey the law, scientific development, be good developing company.

Major principles of management :

1, humanized

2, evaluate by results

3, more simple and more efficient

4, be more active to comunicate with each other.

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