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           Guangdong  Harvest Sugar Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Harvest Co.)    was established in December 1995,   
the State-owned enterprise under Guangdong Zhanjiang Nongken Group ,  merged by Guangdong 
Tiaofeng state-owned sugar factory,Guangdong Harvest
state-owned farm and Guangdong 
Nanguang state-owned farm .

At present, Guangdong  Harvest Sugar Development Co., Ltd. has four holding companies as Guangdong Harvest Canned Food Co., Ltd., Bio-organic Fertilizer Plant, Xuwen Sanhe Alcohol Co., Ltd.and Zhanjiang Jinfeng Sugar Development Co., Ltd.  , and three subsidiaries as Nanguang Agriculture Branch, Tiaofeng Sugar Branch and Harvest Agricultural Branch.

Harvest Co. is a large modern trade-industry-agriculture&production-supply-marketing group enterprise. Harvest Co. is an important enterprise stressed by the former State Economic and Trade Commission, the leading agricultural enterprise in Guangdong Province , the  largest sugar enterprise in China at present, and the largest canned pineapple production and processing base and export base.

Its holding company - Guangdong Harvest Canned Food Co., Ltd. is famous with canned pineapple, which's flesh is fresh and crisp,with consistent maturity, golden color,moderate sweet and sour, and strong pineapple aroma to win in Europe, America, Asia and other countries and regions.

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